Journal Entry – Nov 9, 2015

My novel is moving along.  I am always impressed with people who can actually complete the National Novel Writing Month (or whatever it is called).  50,000 words in 30 days is no small feat.  I don’t think I could do it – and not have it turn out into anything worth reading (or editing).  That being said, I am glad it is there – to get people writing, to explore their creativity, even if it lasts a month (or less).  For me, I have about 20,000 more words to go (maybe less) and if I can get that done before December, I will be thrilled. 

My short story project is also going quite well.  80 of 100 completed and I am pleased with some of the series, how they are turned out with surprises for even me.  I finished up another theme today and so only have two more, both of which are in the fantasy genre.  Perhaps that means something, that even though I enjoy ready fantasy, writing it is quite a challenge.  That being said, I think it can be done.  I just need a clearer path towards its conclusion (and considering each story is only 100 words, I think that is necessary).

Besides that, I have been thinking a lot about habits and motivations, what makes and breaks them.  I’ll likely write more about that in coming journal entries.

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