Truth and Words

Objective truth is likely impossible.  If one states something as an absolute truth (that will remain true into the indefinite future and was so back to the indeterminate past), doubt him.  Wise words hold a truth, but it is only a relative one.  It can be approached in the hard sciences and mathematics, but considering that we are still viewing numbers and measurements though the filter of thoughts, judgments, opinions, not to mention limited physical senses,  to declare something to be the “truth” can lead one on a road to disappointment. (more…)

Supporting the Artist

In an ideal world, it would be a point of pride to support an artist.   Artists are making something out of nothing, and that “something” is nothing short of magical.  Art can evoke emotions, change minds, inspire, or simply provide comfort.  Yet, there is a trend of thought that “art should be free,” which  is false.  Art is the spark that drives a culture and if it is not supported, the culture stagnates and dies a death of a thousand cuts. (more…)

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