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My work so far….

I wanted to put into a single post the work others were kind enough to publish, just to have it all in one place… Fiction/Poetry: We Sing the Spring Song, published by The Storyteller’s Refrain (Issue 3, Winter 2023); Page 23 Time for a Cappuccino, published by Vocivia Magazine (Issue 2, Chronos);  Page 29… Read more »

Time for a Cappuccino

The very nice people at Vocivia Magazine published my story, Time for a Cappuccino, earlier this month. You can find it here:

No One Has Been Here Before – Zero Readers

So, I was finally published. The kind people at Zero Readers put up a poem of mine which you can find here: Other poems in Issue 3 can be found here: I highly recommend submitting to them when next they are open to submissions. Each poem is given feedback that was both both… Read more »

New Music: Mansur – Disciples

I am not sure why, but I really love this song by Mansur “Disciples.” It is not my normal thing, and if I am being cynical, it sort of sounds like what a Hollywood film would play during an alien nightclub scene or something of the sort. But it’s pretty great. Maybe it is because… Read more »

Neal’s Rules for Revising: Write it Twice (or Thrice)

It is obvious that sometimes you first draft is not your best. But even after revising and working that draft to shiny perfection, it still isn’t quite right. It doesn’t do whatever you want it to do, although you might not see where it is falling down on the job. Sometimes, it is better in… Read more »

Non-Conventional Weapons and a Lasting Peace

Currently reading the book Greek File, Poison Arrows and Scorpion Bombs by Adrienne Mayor, detailing the use of unconventional (i.e., chemical and biological) weapons in the ancient world.

Flaws Make Beauty

Flaws make beauty.  Anyone can draw a perfect tree.  It happens to look like a lollipop.  However, with a crack in the bark, a wilted leaf, a hole from a worm, a knot in the wood, the tree takes on character and depth.

Learning History

History allows us to bear witness to the past. It is nothing short of amazing that whole kingdoms and empires rose and collapsed, that people lived and died for their ideals, and yet few people today know anything about them.  It is amazing because history has amazing stories to tell, lessons to teach, and those… Read more »

Black Friday

A prevalent drive of individuals in this society is to be a part of the crowd, to belong to a movement, something greater than oneself.  This drive is greatly alluring.  Regardless if people really love Twilight or the Democratic Party or Dr. Who, there is an attraction of sharing an experience or an emotion with… Read more »

Educational Testing and its Repercussions

Education does not work in isolation.  Legislative efforts (such as No Child Left Behind, Common Core, and others) focus on high-stakes testing to standardize teaching and educational performance across the nation.  While schools should deliver a guaranteed minimum of education, in practice these efforts force a “teach for the test” effort.  As has been argued… Read more »